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Chao Bye

Chao Bye "Nat" larger size candle

Chao Bye "Nat" larger size candle

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A larger-sized chao bye candle can be an impressive and meaningful way to bid farewell to someone or commemorate an important occasion.

Standing tall at an impressive height of 7 inches and with a diameter of 5 inches, this majestic chao bye candle commands attention with its grandeur. The candle is elegantly crafted from high-quality, ivory-colored wax, which exudes a sense of purity and serenity. Its outer surface is smooth and flawless, radiating a soft glow as the candle burns. 

Upon lighting this magnificent candle, a warm, comforting flame emerges from the center, dancing gracefully and casting a gentle illumination. As the wax slowly melts, a soothing aroma is released, enveloping the surroundings with a scent that evokes memories and emotions.

To enhance the visual impact, the candle can be elegantly placed on a sturdy, decorative base, featuring intricate designs that further accentuate its significance.

Whether it's bidding farewell to a beloved friend, celebrating a memorable event, or honoring the memory of a loved one, this larger-sized chao bye candle serves as a remarkable centerpiece, radiating warmth, love, and remembrance. Its size commands attention, making it an exquisite and heartfelt gesture that will leave a lasting impression on all who witness its beauty.

Each Set comes with a ritual to guide you in your process. 

Handmade goods often carry the charm of imperfections, which can actually enhance their beauty. These imperfections can arise from the artisan's individual style, the nature of the materials used, or the artistic process itself. They give each candle its own character and tell a story of its creation. Rather than being seen as flaws, these imperfections are embraced as part of the handmade charm, making each candle one-of-a-kind. Knowing that Chao bye candles are handmade in Miami with love and possible imperfections adds an element of authenticity and human connection.

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H: 7"

D: 5"

Weight: 12 oz

Material: coconut/paraffin wax for optimal burn results. 

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